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Greetings, my fellow entrepreneurs and solopreneurs! If you're like me, you are always on the move, especially on the weekends. One thing that can really mess up your momentum is a bad night's sleep! So many times, I've stayed at hotels that are not ideal. Especially when you have an 8 am meeting on a Saturday about 20min across town, and you were up all night and through the morning dealing with spotty WiFi, springy bed, and that strange smell. Don't act like it's only happened to me.

However, there are a few Hotels, Apartments, and Condo's that I have stayed in that deserve an honorable mention. So I figured why not start blogging about those 5 star rated places for the entrepreneur and solopreneur lifestyle!

First, let's briefly run through the difference between a condo, an apartment, and a hotel. Promise this will be quick, they all typically have a similar layout at the studio to 2 bedroom feature, which of course will depend on several key factors. Location, quality, price, architecture, etc. A condo, short for condominium, can be purchased for ownership. Unlike an apartment which is solely for renting or leasing. A Hotel, enough said, it's a hotel. The Hotel can be its own building or share a building with a property manager.

The first contestant on the Bright Box Insight Business Travel Blog is the WhyHotel in Arlington. Located on Ballston N Randolph St. If your not from the area, no worries, this is a good location. It's located in the dead center of Arlington's energetic epicenter, Ballston Quarter, which is home to the country's largest E-sports center. You will have a walkable urban village right outside your door with everything you need; endless entertainment, live events, shops, and restaurants are right next door in the Ballston Quarter Mall. You'll be ideally situated within a short distance to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, the U.S. Air Force Memorial, the Pentagon, Crystal City, and National Landing. Metro access is just a 5-minute walk away. Need help navigating the city? They have a 24/7 onsite host team and are always here to help, and they are great. You are more than welcome to google map the surrounding area. Still, I assure you that there are ample activities around, and your only a 10min Uber ride from Washington D.C.

Now after hitting the streets from your night out with friends or catching a quick bite to eat, its time to get to work. Entrepreneur life waits for nobody. Now this place had a center island that I quickly turned into my personal office. Yes, there where enough outlets nearby on the island that I could power every device I had; Cell phone, tablet, and two laptops. Now that I am set up to take on the world, it's time for a break, I know, we got to take a break after the break. The room had a touchpad microwave, a stovetop that made reheating my food a breeze! While I waited I seamlessly connected to the WiFi in my room, then streamed a movie on the 50inch that can be seen through the entire social space (living room, kitchen, dining area). Okay, foods done! Time to sit down and work! After about a few hours into the 1 am daydream zone, it's was time for bed. Now, these bedrooms where beautiful and spacious and fully enclosed as any standard room, but the layout was 5star.

I will wrap up this extra-long blog with I can't wait to stay at another WhyHotel hosted place. Next time I will go in-depth on the layout, booking and accommodations. However, if your living the entrepreneur's life, you won't have anything to worry about when you stay at a WhyHotel.

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