Small Business Start-up the first step

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Start with a business idea

Everyone wants their business to be successful, I mean who wakes up in the morning and say “how can I make a failing business today?” Hopefully not you. After you finish brushing your teeth, you need to determine your product. What are you selling, what's going to give your targeted customers a reason to choose the services your providing? In later post we can talk about defining your target customers or market. Having the newest and priciest products won’t be the sure fire be all reason people are going to come running through your doors. Your going to have to dig deep and find the value in your product you want to offer. Your business idea doesn’t have to be the newest thing on the street, but at-least have the ability to make a reasonable profit or impact for the amount of work your putting in. If not then what’s the point?

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