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  • How long does it take for a 1-3page website?
    That depends on the size of the website, but if your are twisting our arm we can have it completed within 3-4business days. However, that is dependent on your responsive ness when we get close to completeion.... filling out the requirements document is the best way to speed thigns up.
  • Do you all offer discounts?
    We do not typically offer discounts, but we do work within ALL budgets. Quality is never sacrificed.
  • What is the average website price you all charge?
    Another question that's dependent on the scope of the project. However; Small sites(5 pages): from $250 Med sites(10 pages): from $450 Large sites(15 pages): from $600 XL sites(20 pages): from $800
  • Can we set up payment plans?
    Yes, we can set those up through the invoice process.
  • What platform do you all design on?
    That depends on the design staff we have working; -Wix is the number 1 platform -Square -Shopify
  • How does the free home page work?
    You tell us your business type/services and we design a home page that displays key business features/services. No up front cost at all. If you decide to hire us after you view the design, then we invoice and get started on the project.
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