Getting Started.

Contact us via email and let us know the type of project that you are ready to start. Then we draft up an agreement, invoice for 50% of project cost as retainer. Then we start "our process", once the project is complete we bill the remainder of the project cost. Then your business is open!

Our Process


Collect Information

We discuss your business goals, web design visions and any other essentials. Which can be done exclusively through email, phone or video conference. 


Market Research

Gather relevant trends, designs, functions and any other relevant features to ensure our web designs or other service put's you on track for success. 


Develop Solutions

Taking all the information gathered from our initial consult and market research to build the foundation of an innovative solution for you to reach your goals. 



This is the stage that takes the longest, as we craft out your website design. Typically the bones of the website with place holder images and text, to really give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. This initial stage for 1st draft is about 5-8 business days. 


Deliver Solution

After several feedback and edits during the design phase we provide you with your website for final review and feedback. The more detailed feedback, the better. 



If you find any issues with the design, we go back to Design phase and repeat the process until we exceed your request, and to your satisfaction. 

Get started today.

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