Got HIGH bounce rate?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

  If you have an unwanted high bounce rate, meaning website visitors are fleeing your site before looking at other pages on your site, then it's time to dig into those analytics and site design to figure out why. You want to find out if this high bounce rate is consistent or if it's a result from a few pages on your website.  

  To figure out if your bounce rate is high per page, just adjust your filter or select the individual pages within Google analytics and check your bounce rate. Now if you find out the percentage is high, it's time to strategize. For example, if just a few pages are the problem, you'll need to examine whether the content is relative or complements the marketing strategies that drive visitors to the page. Then you'll need to look at whether those pages offer visitors easy paths to other pages or steps you would like for them to take on your website. Something else to consider if a specific page has a high bounce rate, you may want to take a look at your marketing efforts for that page: for example, if users are coming from an instagram ad, are bouncing, make sure your ads are relevant to your site content.

  If the problem is through your entire website, take a look at your tracking-code implementation to be sure all the necessary pages are tagged or have google analytics loaded on each page. You may also want to reevaluate your overall site design, take a look at the content; the language, graphics, color, calls to action, and visibility of important page elements.

Contact us and we'll get you on the right path to a lower bounce rate if you need it.

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