Our Top 3 FREE Small Business Social Media Marketing Analytics Tools

Just starting your Small Business? Are you struggling to find your target market? Need to understand what your audience is doing? Are they even paying attention to the ads you’re creating at 1 a.m.? Well keep reading and we will try to give you the Bright Box Insight on three FREE social media analytics tools and how they can help you spy, we mean gain awareness on your target markets social medial engagement with your Small Business.

I know your service can assist the entire world, but you can’t target everyone in the world. Okay, at least not at this present moment in your business venture. Let’s get some mileage on this vehicle, break it in so you can see how it handles. Let’s jump in, feet first, then you can go back head first if you feel comfortable.

Without further delay, bellow are our picks for the top 3 social media analytics tools to help you engage your target market.

  • Facebook analytics

  • Twitter analytics

  • Instagram analytics

Facebook insights is a free tool that will help you gain insight into the community you are building around your Small Business. With more than 2 billion active accounts, your Facebook business page is the window into your business, make sure it’s clean.

Twitter Analytics, another free tool for your Small Business. Twitter’s 321 million users are at your fingertips. Giving you the ability to interact with customers and other brands in a dynamic way, from retweeting your content, liking related tweets, to extensive market exposure, all while providing the ability to make purchases that directly impact your bottom line. Using Twitter analytics will ensure your Small business it not missing out on any opportunity, helping you to develop or refine your social media marketing strategy to maximize profits.

Instagram has its own analytics tool built within the program. It’s free! So why not use it to learn more about your audience demographics; what they like (hearts), when they are online (you stalker) and what they are clicking on (hopefully your website). This information isn’t as detailed as the arsenal of social apps that can help you dive deeper into your Instagram data, but it’s enough to get that Small Business ball rolling (remember you’re on a budget)

Social media is a vital communication tool for your target market, and even those outside of it. So why not use this powerful and free analytics tool? These tools will give you the ability to seamlessly measure the performance of your business’s social media page's tracking views, likes, and outreach. As a Small Business, building brand awareness, possessing the ability to communicate with customers, and gaining followers to take action is key to the survival of your Small Business. Use these FREE analytics tools that will help you to interprets, understand and engage your audience and view how they’re interacting with your social media page's.

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