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Why Hire A Website Designer - 5 Great Reasons

This is a common question asked by small business owners, new entrepreneurs and seasoned ones that own or are looking to build their businesses first website. Many take the plunge and some swim, but some drown; leaving their online presence compromised. After our first two years of designing here is our top 5 simple answers:

  1. Saves you money and time

  2. That professional polished look

  3. The design do's and don'ts

  4. Marketing advantage

  5. Technical support

Not all website designers have been created equally, so make sure to view their portfolio of designs, reviews and possibly get a mock up. A web designer works on visual design and layout. They order and set website content to advance both visual communication, content hierarchy, and aesthetic sensibilities; telling the perfect story and leading visitors to convert. Web designers plan, create, and code different sites and web pages. To be a web designer you need to know the principles of design, typography, composition, color theory, etc. Most web designers make $75 per hour.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Website Designer

Saves you money and time

Managing finances, staff, etc. can be very time-consuming. Learning the basics of how to design a website will take months. Yes, you can certainly use a drag and drop website builder, but a scroll stopping website serves more attention and customization. A good-looking website will require more than simply basic skills. You would not want to lead your customers to a poorly designed website. It's like opening the bathroom door and seeing a mess... close and leave.

It will look Professional

A professional website is very persuasive. Most website designers know how to make every web page appealing with detail, especially the home page. They know which colors, fonts, text to image ratio, etc. Those factors include what a professional website should look like. Keeping your website visitors engaged, informed and converting.

Professional Website Designers know the Do’s and Don'ts of web design

Every website needs a secure site, SEO complete, responsive and more. Most web designers make sure the website is certified with an SSL, to ensure the website is safe to browse. SEO is the icing on the cake, and we love cake. Most website designers may provide some general SEO for your website, I know we do. Responsiveness is also HUGE, ensuring your website is viewable on every device is a standard.

Gives more marketing advantage

Your customers want to know who you are and what you do. This is branding and story development 101. Having a website can let customers get to know you and your brand in ways that visiting a traditional brick and mortar store just won't do. This will help you and your business rank higher with customers on so many levels, not to include your online business listing in search results. This can add to your credibility in the business category online and locally.

You will have technical support

Web design is a part of getting a website online. While owning the website you will come across technical challenges surrounding website updates such as; content changes, application updates, adding/removing pages/items and more. Partnering with the right website design company is important and vital to keeping your design up to date and addressing any issues that may arise. Too often clients struggle with general updates and fail to fix and their customers online experience is impacting, possibly lowering conversation. Having professional support will be less of a burden.

Get started with a website design company today. Yes, you can choose us.

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