5 Reasons A Business Needs An Attractive Website

Need to find a business? What’s the first thing any civilized person would do? Yup! Google it, or Bing it if that’s your cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee, I could use a cup as my eye lids start to burn a little from sleep deprivation. Well, let me get through this post before the sand man punches me in the face.

As I mentioned earlier, online searching using Google or Bing is where one might go to find a business or information about a particular business. Before you search the web; how many times have you gone on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site to look up a business? Don’t worry I’ll wait.. time is up. The answer should have been never. If not congratulations, you are America’s 1%, feel special. So for my heavily motivated entrepreneurs that are itching to find the most powerful online communications and marketing tool, look no further, you are currently on one! A website, where most people go for information, researching a new service or product. The culture that we live in today is almost dependent on information that we find on a website, the purchasing abilities from a website, the look, the feel, and all the other creature comforts that a website has to offer. As a for-profit, non-profit, I just want profit’s business owner, YOUR website is the most important and powerful communication and marketing tool that you possess to communicate your products and services to the world and those beyond it. I would hate for an extra-terrestrial to base their decision on taking over the earth or coming in piece on the look and feel of some websites I have seen. Here are 5 of the reasons that your website should be among the top investments that you will make for your business.

· Your website is a direct reflection of the business.

· Your website keeps you in competition with your local market or abroad.

· Your website allows you to communicate with your client, before you get to communicate with your client.

· Your website is how you will advertise, sell and/or distribute your products and services.

· Your website is your ideal marketing tool.

Notice I continuously mention “your website”, because even if you aren’t the owner of the business, it is still reflecting the business that you work for. So, in that case, it’s “your website” reflecting the very company you work for. As mentioned on numerous blog sites, your website is your virtual store, car dealership, arcade, clothing store, etc. How would you feel if your friends tried to tell you the old run down, spider, rat, clown, dust elephants (not bunnies), mold monster infested shack was the best shoe store in town? Well I know exactly how you feel, you’re going to the next town for shoes. Why?

Whatever the answer, is exactly why you should take serious consideration into your web design.

In today’s market it is unlikely that your business is the only one within a 5-10 mile radius. What set’s you apart? When a potential client is sitting on the internet evaluating their decision to do business with you or any other business only by the appearance of a business’s website; how will yours stand up to the competition? Your website is how you will convey the image you desire for your business. A great web design can give the impression that your business size is bigger than it really is, look at our web site. Don’t lose out on potential business because your website looks as if it took the first non-refundable time traveling trip back to 1999. How valuable is it to gain one more customer a year, month, week, or even day just by the appearance of your website. It’s your resume for a new job, your resume is what gets you the interview. Don’t miss the opportunity because your resume has white out, mumbo sauce (DMV), scratched out words, and a few rips in it. Evaluate the effectiveness of the message your website is sending, you may have to go back to the drawing board. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask the Bright Box Insight team.

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