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What is Website Conversion

Website conversion is when a customer completes a desired action on your website. Another way to put it is getting someone to answer your call-to-action.

There are two types of website conversions

Micro- conversions, and macro- conversions.

  • Micro- conversions take place when steps towards your goal are accomplished. Micro- conversions are events that happen before macro- conversions.

  • Macro- conversions occur when the goal is achieved.


  • Buying a product: Buying a product can help increase website conversion rates because it is a desired action that the website owner wants their customers to do.

  • Filing out a form/ signing up for emails or information: Filing out a form or signing up for emails/information shows the customers interest in your website/ business.

  • Sharing content on social media: Sharing content to social media gains more audience.

  • Clicking specific buttons: Clicking certain buttons on a website can help the interaction numbers

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates are calculated to tell you what percentage of your customers are doing what you want them to do. You calculate the conversion by dividing the number of goals accomplished in a certain period by the number of visits you get on your website. You then multiply that number by 100. An example would be 50 conversions from 1,000 interactions. 50 divided by 100 would equal 5%. Your conversion rate would then be 5%.

What is a good conversion rate?

Good website conversion rates usually fall between 2 percent and 5 percent. Conversion rates depend on the audience, industry, and the conversion goal.

Conversion goals are usually ad clicks, checkout completions, newsletter subscriptions, etc. Improving the users' experience on the site can increase the conversion rates. There are a variety of ways to increase your website conversion including adding pop-ups to your website, adding live chats, removing distractions, etc.

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